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how to bury someone alive

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What we have to offer can be considered a transformative process. Within two and a half days, our coaching team provides an intense experience - you will be confronted with your own death by being buried alive! This might sound quite morbid to you but isn't as excessive as you think. Your head will not be covered! Also you will be in the position to design the grave after your wishes. Taking the decision of having yourself burried, might turn into a once in a lifetime experience for you. Indeed we believe that one might feel called to do so! Since death is our greatest master for life, it felt natural to us to create a seminar that gives the chance to invite death itself. Funnily enough, we wouldn't consider this coaching weekend as a seminar about death. Moreover we have learned that it is a program that allows us to be able to rediscover joy and thankfulness for the greatest source we have ever been gifted - with our life! Afterwards we will spend another day and a half to support you on how to transform your observations from this experience into concrete actions in your life. Based on your personal strenghts and talents we help you to receive visions that create value in yours and other peoples lifes. Because this is what our seminars are supposed to achieve. And don't worry: we are not gonna let you leave without tools to start out with!

why you really need to do it

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Our previous experience shows that death can be a powerful source when it comes to periods in life that leave us struggling and insecure. We found that most people gain deeper knowlede of WHY they do things - the intrinsic motivation - when they find themselves confronted with the end of life.  Furthermore we were able to observe that people who have established a WHY, automatically knew, what to do and what felt right for them. 
We woun't promise you to solve all your problems over night, but we promise you will gain motivation to take the necessary steps, that lead you to the life that's worth living to you.

am i the right person

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From our point of view this seminar is the right thing for you if you can agree with one or more of the following sentences and questions.

+  How the hell did I end up like this?
+  I'm very unsure or worried about the next steps to take.
+  I did pretty well so far but now I realise I feel empty and unhappy.
+  I have an idea of what I really want, but I'm so afraid to take action.
+  I hate my job and i'd love to quit, if I just knew how.
+  What am I good for, anyway?
+  I'd love to do something meaningful, but I have no idead how.
+  I could have a fulfilled life if people hadn't  told me i'm worthless.
+  I have no idea what i want, but i am ready to find out.
+  I don't think life has something good to offer me, anyway.
+  I woke up and I realised that I have lived somebody else's life.
+  I wouldn't be in this situation if i could just let go of the past.
+  I have a plan but am always struggling with myself because of returning      
+  Deep down I believe that there is nothing I have to give in life. 
+  In the end it doesn't really matter.

payment &  Preparation

WHat is true grit worth to you?

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If you'd find out that you have a very serious disease, would you google on how to find the next cheapest person to fix it? 
No, you probably wouldn't. 
So don't take an easy decision. Again - we know this program is a once in a lifetime experience and you should be ready and feel called!
Since we allow only 12 people to attend each seminar, we kindly ask you to think it over. If you are unsure, please leave your ticket for someone who is in need and willing to go through with it now. 

Still with us? Good - please order our information package in the booking section. You will be guided to send an email to KERNEL PANIC that informs us about your preferred package. The information package will be sent to you with all the details about the seminar program, ticket prices and payment options. This package is completely free and does not bind you to buy the package.

how to buy on a tight budget

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If you are in a very low financial position and you can't manage to pay the seminar either way, please contact us in any case. If you feel that TRUE GRIT is the right thing for you, we promise you to find a way to make it possible. 

Please contact: office.kernelpanic@gmail.com

3 best preparations to pass true grit

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Since you are entering a transformative process, please come with a clear mind and sleep well before. 

Please do not pick your most fanciest outfit, for your clothes will get dirty. We also strongly advise you to bring warm clothes. 

You will be provided with food and accommodation but you might want to bring extra snacks to the seminar. 

please note

tHREE things you must know before

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Parts of the seminar can be extreme and can make you feel uncomfortable. 
If you feel afraid - good, the magic is working. 
Let it happen! We will support you.

We accept only 12 participants per seminar. Depending on their nationalities, we decide whether the seminar will be held in English, German, or both. If you need language support, please let us know.

We kindly ask you not to take photos or videos of the actions about to happen for it will disturb the process.

Don't worry about

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Please keep in mind that our team is ready to fully serve you and support your process. If you have special needs or worries please contact office.kernelpanic@gmail.com. 
We are not following selling strategies like the snowball system or etc. 
We do not belong to a specific spiritual or religious movement and we are also no therapists. In case you need clinical advise, please do so and do not take our program as a replacement for serious illness treatments. 
In addition, we want to assure that this is not a collective suicide mission.
This seminar is held by coaches and invites everybody who feels strong enough to climb to the next base of their own personality development.

What's behind it

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TRUE GRIT is the first program of a seminar series that is designed by 
KERNEL PANIC, which is a global network of coaches. Parts of the profit will be reinvested into KERNEL PANIC. 
Our goal is to design top class seminars to help people all around the globe to gain fulfillment, wealth and happiness.

5% of all the profit earned by KERNEL PANIC will be donated.