kernel panic

is a platform, founded in 2019 with the intent to help people from all around the globe to create their visions. Our goal is to build a pool of top international coaches from different fields, who seek to find creative solutions for  personality development. 

If you are a coach: 
KERNAL PANIC is happy to talk to you! Show up and contact us to be a part of our group. We are investing to build a network for coaches to connect and to develop programs to create wealth and value in other peoples lifes.

If you are looking for a coach: 
The KERNEL PANIC homepage will function as a platform to present and rate coaches, as well as selling their products. So be sure to hear from us soon!

Website will be online soon, please let us know, if you want to be informed when it's available:

Masters of ceremony

Irina Dannenberg

Struggling for years to find out what it takes to lead a responsible and happy life, Irina is now eager to share her experience with you! She will teach you techniques to clear things up. and pull yourself up your bootstraps.  In the center of her work she assists individuals to receive vision and sense, that lead to a self-determined life. Since 2019 she organises the KERNEL PANIC platform and seminars.

Teresa Meikl

Teresa knows how to pull the trigger right!
Having worked as a coach for personality development for 10 years, she focused on body experiences and knows how to treat physical blockades and pain. She will point out your shadowed parts and teach you how to transform them into lightful sources of strength.