Want to start over?

start tRue Grit!

Since you are here, we assume you are about to change your life completely. 

We are truly convinced that you have chosen to be here, 
for we have strong advice to show you how to do so. 
Awesome - let's do it!

Our coaching program is designed for individuals who are either facing a turning point in their life 
or are eager to move on to the next level. 
Parts of the seminar can be unpleasant and will have enormous effects on your previous convictions. 

So better have some TRUE GRIT!


12. - 14.            August 2019
20. - 22.     September 2019

Three step Program

clear things up

Accept your current situation with dignity.
Design your own grave.
Be buried alive!
Observe and see what life means to you.


Face the unpleasant ghosts haunting you. 
Let go of limiting beliefs from the past.
Choose to live!

Make every day count

Reveal value and sense in your life. 
Receive your vision. 
Acquire tools and get support.
Start out!